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My diverse professional and personal experience provide me with unique expertise to support students and their families.


I blend various multi-sensory, research-based programs [link] to fit my students’ learning profile so they can gain confidence in their ability to learn. Together we build the following skills that underpin success in school and in life: reading, written and oral communication, math, organization, critical thinking, social thinking, effective use of tools, and self-advocacy.

Having utilized numerous multisensory, research-based programs, I am able to blend them together, based on my students’ needs since each program has its strengths and weaknesses and are suitable for different types of students. Below are some of the programs I have utilized.


Students get the most out of homework assignments up to 6th grade level with the least amount of stress.

As much as practicable, I utilize multi-sensory, research-based methods [link] to support student learning.  When necessary, my students (and parents) learn how to advocate for adjusted assignments and employ effective tools and strategies. 


Parents learn how to support their child’s academic development and social-emotional well-being in ways that suit their lifestyle.  

As a mother, sister, friend and teacher of intelligent individuals who struggled in school, I understand the challenges students and their families endure.  Furthermore, my professional teaching experience in the following school settings has given me a first-hand perspective on the types of educational settings that are available and how to navigate within them: public school, a full inclusion charter school, a private, a nonpublic school, and a homeschool parent for one year.


Teachers and other education specialists are empowered to support struggling students in ways that decrease behaviors and reduce stress.

I have 11 years experience collaborating with district case managers, teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists and school counselors to optimize the support that a student receives.


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