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I am a credentialed SPED teacher and Orton Gillingham reading specialist with a Masters in Special Education. I have 11+ years of diverse experience tutoring K-12 special needs students whose learning profile does not fit the traditional teaching model.


I blend various multi-sensory, research-based programs to fit my students’ learning profile so they can gain confidence in their ability to learn. Together we build the following skills that underpin success in school and in life: reading, written and oral communication, math, organization, critical thinking, social thinking, effective use of tools, and self-advocacy.


As a mother, sister, friend and teacher of intelligent individuals who struggled in school, I understand what it is like to be in a school setting where your earnest efforts usually don’t lead to positive results often leaving students overwhelmed, underestimated and misunderstood. It’s thrilling to show these students their exceptional grit, true potential and unique qualities that cannot be measured by a test. When given the right circumstances and tools, many of my students develop an earnest desire to learn, not just for a “good grade”. My students often discover they are, in fact, like diamonds: rare and incredibly strong.

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Having utilized numerous multi-sensory, research-based programs, I am able to blend them together, based on my students’ special needs since each program has its strengths and weaknesses and are suitable for different types of students.
Research-Based Programs
Orton-Gillingham Certification
Wilson Reading Program
Barton Reading and Spelling
Phonics for Reading
Lindamood-Bell programs
Neurological impress reading
Academic-based vision therapy
Touch Math
Mammoth Math
Math games, stories, songs, manipulatives
“Math magician” activities
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Writing Adventures
Handwriting Without Tears
Zones of Regulation
“Brain Gym” exercises
Building Thinking Skills
Mind Benders
Hands on Thinking Skills


My personal goals for all learning sessions include:

  • Affirm who my students are as people beyond their academic challenges.

  • Consider my students' and families’ preferences, interests and goals when creating learning goals and lesson plans.

  • Set my students up for success so they can build their confidence and develop effective learning strategies.

  • Value my students' strengths.

  • Provide ample, sincere praise not just for right answers but for effectively handling mistakes and using strategies.

  • Reframe my students' challenges and encourage a growth mindset (e.g. “Many highly successful adults struggled in school as kids and later became experts in fields they once struggled in.”  “You’ll be able to learn all the skills you need to become a truly successful adult.”).

  • Identify and destigmatize the effective use of tools.

  • Make my students smile and laugh.


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