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My diverse professional and personal experiences provide me with unique expertise to support students and their families.


I utilize various multi-sensory, research-based programs to fit my students’ special needs and interests so they can gain confidence in their ability to learn. Together we build the following foundational skills that underpin success in school and in life: reading, written and oral communication, math, organization, critical thinking, social thinking, effective use of tools, and self-advocacy.  Some of my students obtain over 2 years of growth in one school year with regular sessions.


Students get the most out of homework assignments with the least amount of stress. When possible, I utilize multi-sensory, research-based methods to support student learning.   My students (and parents) learn how to advocate for adjusted assignments and employ effective tools and strategies, as necessary. 


Parents learn how to support their child’s academic development and social-emotional well-being in ways that suit their lifestyle.  

As a mother, sister, friend and teacher of intelligent individuals who struggled in school, I understand the challenges students and their families endure.  Furthermore, my professional teaching experience in the various school settings has given me a first-hand perspective on a wide variety of educational settings that are available and how to navigate within them. My experience includes working with students in a public school, a full inclusion charter school, a private, a nonpublic school, and a homeschool parent for one year.


A home to represent homeschooling services

Although homeschooling is not suitable for all families, it can provide the ultimate flexibility to personalize your child's education; which can be especially helpful if your child is struggling in school. 


I homeschooled my daughter her 5th grade year and was surprised by the tremendous progress she made with much less stress than sending her to school and dealing with the aftermath when she returned home depleted and with homework that was often too difficult for her.   Some parents are concerned about socialization, however, you might find that your child has more time and opportunity to socialize and do extracurricular activities including homeschool clubs, sports and bands.  


There are various ways to homeschool your child including enrolling in a homeschool charter school that offers learning resources, classes taught by teachers, field trips and special education services .   You can also set up a homeschool coop to collaborate with other families.


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